Chiropractic Care for Your Pet at Boulevard Veterinary


Dear Friends and Clients,

    We're happy to announce that Boulevard Veterinary is providing holistic, chiropractic care for your pets! Dr. Julie Geisler obtained her American Veterinary Chiropractic Association certification in 2015. This certification required 120 lecture hours, hands on instruction, and successfully completing a rigorous practical and written exam. As we strive for providing the best care to our patients and education for our clients, Dr. Julie has answered some frequently asked questions below.

Dr. Julie Geisler performing a chiropractic adjustment on Winslow with the help of Alyssa, our veterinary technician.

Dr. Julie Geisler performing a chiropractic adjustment on Winslow with the help of Alyssa, our veterinary technician.

Chiropractic Care

Julie Geisler, DVM

What is Chiropractic?  
    Chiropractic is a holistic medicine that bases itself off of nervous system health. It focuses on the biomechanics of the spine and joint mobility. As a chiropractor, we find joints along the spine/vertebrae that lack their normal movement. When these joints can’t move efficiently, they build up waste products which can cause soreness and inflammation and if left untreated- disease. As a chiropractor, our job is to restore the motion of these joints to try and get the nerves and muscles associated within this area functioning better.  

What is a chiropractic adjustment?  

    At an appointment for chiropractic, we discuss the overall activity of your pet recently, any history of trauma, and changes you are finding at home. We then examine the patient to find any areas of inflammation or pain/lack of movement. Sometimes if very painful or acute we will do radiographic imaging to look at the joints.  A chiropractic adjustment is when we restore the motion to the joints that aren’t moving as well. With using just our hands, we manipulate the spine to realign the joints and help free up waste products in that area. This stimulates the nerves in that area to start signaling to the surrounding muscles and organs more effectively.

Why should I consider chiropractic care for my pet?

    Any cat or dog can benefit from chiropractic care. The most common diseases we treat with chiropractic are musculoskeletal in origin. Arthritis, hip dysplasia, and back pain dogs are commonly seen for chiropractic adjustments. Other patients that benefit are patients who have had recent trauma (soft tissue sprain, falling down the steps, a car accident, etc.). Even pets who have ‘gotten older’ or are ‘slowing down in general’ usually are doing this from soreness and inflammation that has built up as part of the aging process. With some of these diseases (like arthritis) we can’t fix the issue- but long standing arthritis can cause the patient to have poor posture and therefore gait changes. By realigning the spine, we are keeping those nerves and muscles functioning to the best of their ability and freeing up a lot of aches and pains these patients feel on a daily basis.

What can I expect after an adjustment?
    Pets may be a little sore 24 hours after an adjustment, but within 1 to 3 days owners normally notice them lighter on their feet and more energetic, maybe even doing things they haven’t done in years now that they’re more comfortable. After an adjustment, depending on how long the lack of mobility has been there- the body will go back to its pre-adjustment state. The type of injury will determine how fast or profound the results will be from chiropractic. For example, an arthritic joint that has been immobile for years will take more time to heal/reduce inflammation compared to an acute injury. It typically takes at least 3 adjustments to see the desired improvement and can take many months to reverse degenerative changes with adjustments.  

   Chiropractic care is not meant to replace traditional medical therapies but it can be an effective, complementary tool that gives us more options in treating chronic conditions and providing your pet a better quality of life. We hope this FAQ helped educate and inform you of the advanced services we are proud to offer here at BLVD!

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