BLVD 2018 In Review


by Dr. Dylan

Greetings BLVD Friends and Clients,

2018 has been another whirlwind year over hear at BLVD Vet! Here are some highlights:

  • Dr. Aracely Cordes: In June, after being with us for 6 months on a part time basis, we hired Dr. Cordes as a full time veterinarian for our Logan Square location. We’ve enjoyed her enthusiasm for veterinary medicine and her commitment to practicing at the highest standards. In her spare time, Dr. Cordes and her husband Justin will be opening a human-child business in Humboldt Park called Be Kids Cafe. Watch for that to open in 2019!

  • Fear Free: We had Colleen,one of our Certified Veterinary Technicians, become credentialed in Fear Free™ handling of pets. She has brought many of their methods back to BLVD where it has become a core way of how we interact with pets. Fear Free’s mission is to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them. This is important to us as we want your pets to have a great experience when they come to us!

See full video  here !

See full video here!

  • BLVD Babies: Two of our colleagues: Charlene, CVT, and Dr. Geisler gave birth to healthy little girls this fall. Charlene is already back in the office and we are looking forward to having Dr. Geisler rejoin us this January. We will have regular availability for Dr. Geisler’s Chiropractic and Acupuncture patients as soon as she’s back!

  • Dr. Josie Arbogast: In August, our newest DVM, Dr. Arbogast joined us. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Arbogast. Her enthusiasm, can-do attitude and great bedside manner have been an incredible addition to the BLVD DVM group. Plus, she’s a natural on social media, so look for more of Dr. Arbogast’s “BLVD Pointers” in 2019 on our Instagram and Facebook feeds. If you have any questions or topics you would like covered, please submit them here!

See full video  here !

See full video here!

  • AAHA Re-Accreditation at BLVD Vet Logan Square: The American Animal Hospital Association requires regular inspections in order to maintain our accredited status. This December we passed our 2nd evaluation since 2016 with flying colors! Our scores were even higher, which makes us so proud as we believe in always looking for ways to improve all aspects of our practice. To read more about AAHA Accreditation, click here.


Much of my time this past year has been spent identifying and hiring veterinarians who are exceptionally talented and excel in both patient and client care. I’m pleased to say that our veterinarians Dr. Geisler, Dr. Williams, Dr. Cordes and Dr. Arbogast have even more positive online reviews than I do so my expectation is that every pet will continue to receive an exceptional level of care regardless of whom they see. I plan to continue to have regular but reduced clinical hours going forward, but please know you can always ask for me.

Dr. Cordes and Dr. Dylan in the office.

Dr. Cordes and Dr. Dylan in the office.

One of the important projects we’ve worked on this year is establishing Boulevard Veterinary’s Core Values. They are as follows:

BLVD_CoreValuesCards_Malt_120318_Moo-PRINT-F (1)-1.jpg

These came from a collaborative effort of our staff, managers, as well as Kelly and myself. I found that it was more a process of identifying what our intrinsic values already were and putting them into words, rather than simply creating a list of aspirations. Your feedback was another important consideration in establishing these values, your emails and reviews have consistently helped direct us in what we’re doing well and what we can do better.

There are lots of exciting things in store for 2019 at BLVD Vet. As always, thank you for your patronage and support!

Happy New Year,

Dylan Frederickson, DVM

BLVD Vet's Guide to Holiday Pet Hazards


by Dr. Josie Arbogast

It's the most wonderful time of the year- a time to spend celebrating with our friends and family members, including our furry ones! As we prepare for this holiday season, here are a few helpful tips on what you should help your pets avoid so as not to put a damper on the festivities:




  • Mistletoe & Holly: Whether you are decking the halls or cuddling up underneath the mistletoe this winter, be sure it's out of your pet's reach. Holly and mistletoe can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea and if large amounts are ingested, and even cardiovascular problems can occur in our pets.



  • Lilies: Although these flowers look great in a holiday bouquet, a significant number of lily species can cause severe kidney damage in cats from ingestion of any part of the plant, including pollen that could accumulate on your cat’s fur. It’s generally recommend to not keep lilies in your home if you have a cat to be safe.



  • Poinsettias: It may be better to opt for the silk or artificial version when decorating with these traditional holiday plants. Poinsettias contain a sap that can cause severe GI upset and blisters in the mouth.




  • Tinsel: Our feline friends love bright, shiny objects and especially strings. So, when they see a tree full of tinsel - it’s game on! Although tinsel itself is not toxic, it can cause serious gastrointestinal complications such as an intestinal obstruction or blockage if swallowed.



  • Candles: Never leave your pet unattended around an open flame. One wrong step or wag of a tail could cause your pet to get burnt or start a house fire.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

  • Christmas Trees: We recommend securing your Christmas tree to the ceiling or to a door frame to prevent it from tipping over and causing potential injury. This will also keep the tree water from spilling, which is not safe for our pets to drink.


Did somebody say food?

Did somebody say food?

  • Leftovers: Although our pets usually want to help us sample the spread, it's important to keep the table food to a minimum. Fatty foods, meats, and grease can cause severe gastrointestinal upset and pancreatitis.

  • Sweet treats: By now, most of us know that our pets should never eat chocolate, especially dark chocolate. However, it’s best to avoid feeding them sweets altogether as many of these contain an artificial sweetener known as xylitol, which can cause our pet’s blood sugar to drop to dangerously low levels and require hospitalization.

  • Grapes/raisins: Many holiday dishes contain these fruits and if ingested, even in very small quantities, can cause acute kidney failure.

We hope you find these tips helpful, and if you have any questions you can always give us a call or shoot us an email with your questions. If you are unable to reach us and need immediate assistance due to ingestion or exposure, please contact ASPCA Animal Poison Control.

Important Information About NexGard and Bravecto

Important Information About NexGard and Bravecto

We want to underscore that the FDA still deems these medications safe for the majority of patients. From the FDA bulletin: “The FDA carefully reviewed studies and other data on Bravecto, Credelio, Nexgard and Simparica prior to approval, and these products continue to be safe and effective for the majority of animals.”

ALIVE Rescue and New Goodies at BLVD Vet!

Happy Holidays friends!

We hope you and your pets are staying bundled up as we dive into the colder holiday season! Our team wanted to share couple tidbits before the year is through that can benefit pets in need as well as some new offerings for your pets.

ALIVE Rescue Donation Drive

BLVD Vet  ALIVE RESCUE Donation Drive

Proheart 6


We are happy to announce that we're now carrying a safe, easy alternative to monthly Heartworm prescriptions! After hearing out many of your requests and doing the research, we wanted to make this convenient and effective option available to our patients. Proheart 6 is an alternative Heartworm preventive that we administer here at the practice that lasts for 6 months. In two visits to your favorite vet, your dog can have year round protection against Heartworm disease. For many clients, depending on your pets weight, this is also the more economical option. Next time your dog is in need of a refill, we welcome you to talk to us about this as an option for your pet.

Feliscratch by Feliway


For our feline companions, we're introducing a new product by Feliway. Feliscratch uses a synthetic copy of natural pheromones that our cats leave behind when they mark their territory by scratching. A pipette of this pheromone is applied to where you want your cat to scratch instead, such as their cat tree, and it lasts up to four weeks. Their studies indicate 8 out of 10 cats respond positively, a great step in saving our furniture! If you're having issues with your cat clawing up your furniture at home, please bring it up the next time you talk to us.

Take care and stay cozy,

The BLVD Team




BLVD Vet Yappy Hours and Trick-or-Treating in River North!

We had a busy October as we get to know our new River North neighborhood! We hope you had as much fun as we had these past few weeks. Check out all the cute costumes and boozy debauchery below.

BLVD Yappy Hour at Parc Huron

BLVD Yappy Hour at Erie on the Park

BLVD Vet Trick-Or-Treat 2017

And since we didn't want our feline friends to feel left out, we hosted a BLVD Vet Cat Costume Contest on our Instagram (! Our Grand Prize winner was @ray.and.chacha, who received a $50 Gift Credit and goodies from Steel Petal Press!

Ray and Chacha as Chicago Hot Dogs!

Ray and Chacha as Chicago Hot Dogs!

Sweet, sweet victory.

Sweet, sweet victory.

And last but not least a little video of all the Team trickery we had on Halloween!

If you'd like Boulevard Veterinary to host a Yappy Hour at your pet friendly business or residence, please contact Kelly Frederickson at



Get into the spirit with BOO!-levard Vet!

This past Sunday, Boulevard Veterinary set up shop at the Logan Square Farmer's Market. In the spirit of Halloween fun, our photobooth came with costume accessories for you and your pets! See all the fun below, and if you come in for a visit soon you'll see we have plenty of accessories for your pet's to try on when they come in for a visit!

Check out our upcoming seasonal events, listed below!:

  • Saturday, 10/28: Trick-Or-Treating in Montgomery Ward Park from 2-4! Free Halloween fun for the whole family along the beautiful river walk in our new neighborhood. Put on by the River North Residents Association, the event has over 20 participating local businesses giving out candy, freebies, and hosting spooktastic activities! BLVD Vet will be there handing out treats for pups & peeps! 
  • Tuesday, 10/31: Trick-Or-Treat & Doggy Dress up at BLVD Vet River North from 5-7pm! Our new neighbors, the Erie Centre Condo Association, are hosting a building wide trick-or-treating event and we're taking part with treats for pups & peeps, plus doggy costume props & photo ops in our beautiful new lobby! Stop by our 375 W. Erie location for a treat and a photo-op! 
  • "Yappy Hours": Does your building hold social events in the lobby of your residence? BLVD Vet would love to host a "Yappy Hour" social event for pups & peeps in your lobby! We're set for fun mixers with our River North neighbors, Parc Huron, Erie on the Park, and we would love to add your residence to our calendar! Email our Events Director, Kelly Frederickson, at to request a "Yappy Hour" at your building! 

Taste of River North 2017

Thanks again for stopping by our booth at Taste of River North 2017!

It was wonderful to meet you at the Taste of River North! We couldn't have asked for a warmer welcome from the River North community and all of your four legged friends. BLVD Vet is thrilled to be joining such an active, engaged community and can't wait to open our doors to you this August. We'd like to extend a big thank you to the River North Residents Association (RNRA) for having us as sponsors and for organizing such a lively and pet friendly event. 

Through rain storms and summer sun, the tropical doggy photo booth (albeit one feline friend determinedly got their photo too) was a hit! Enjoy all the furry cuteness below and click here for the full size images!

Pardon our dust, BLVD Vet Expands to River North!

rn 1.jpg

Dear Friends and Clients,

As some of you may have heard, we have some exciting news to share--BLVD Vet is expanding! In just a few weeks we will be opening a second full service veterinary practice in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, at 375 W. Erie.

We're hard at work designing the clinic to be as fresh and welcoming as our Logan Square location and you can expect the staff to be the same friendly, professional team always striving to accommodate to your needs. Over the past few months we’ve been investing in some great new staff members and training them in the the BLVD way of doing things so that they’re ready to hit the ground running.  

We’re going to be using the same phone number, same website, same social media, and the same management team for both locations to ensure consistency in service. We anticipate opening our doors August 15th--possibly sooner! 

For our current clients at BLVD Vet Logan Square, or future clients of BLVD Vet River North, we’d be incredibly grateful if you referred BLVD Vet to any of your pet-owning friends who live in or near downtown Chicago.  As always, our clients receive a $15 credit for EVERY household that they refer. Make sure you tell your friends to notify our front desk of your referral.  We’ve found organic client word of mouth to be by far the best way to grow.  For those of you who happen to live in or near downtown, you’ll be able to seamlessly transition to the new location if you prefer. It's hassle free as all medical records can be securely shared between practices. 

Dr. Dylan and Dr. Williams will be available for appointments at both the River North and Logan Square locations. As always, we encourage our clients to request the veterinarian that they prefer and we will do our very best to accommodate those preferences based on scheduling. As they will be scheduled for two days at each location every week, we do not anticipate any difficulty in continuing to see your preferred veterinarian at Logan Square once River North opens. Our relief veterinarians, Dr. Ho and Dr. Holub will also lend their time and expertise at River North.

As an aside, we'd also like to note that no outside investors or private equity firms were partnered with for the new location, meaning that BLVD Vet will continue to be a 100% locally owned and managed small business. We believe that allows us to keep client and patient care as our top priority, as well as quickly adapt and change to community needs.

Thank you so much for your patronage and business. As always, we welcome your feedback and will use it to make BLVD Vet River North just as successful as BLVD Vet Logan Square!


Dr. Dylan Frederickson and the BLVD Team

For Paws Club Pool Party Recap!

Dr. Dylan and Kelly, our Events Coordinator!

Dr. Dylan and Kelly, our Events Coordinator!

Hi friends!

We recently participated in For Paws Club Charity Pool Party at at Pet Care Plus, and for everyone who came, we thank you! The event raised over $1,000 for One Tail at a Time, an amazing organization that operates as an all-breed dog rescue committed to lowering euthanasia rates in the greater Chicagoland area through the rescue and adoption of dogs in need; provides comprehensive support of adopters; and community outreach through humane education programs and assistance for disadvantaged and low-income families. If you're interested in adopting, check out their available dogs here!


As for our attendees, here are many of the photos we snapped (due to limited storage space on our camera). It was so much fun to see everyone's dogs having an absolute blast in their tropical leis and sparkly party hats and we hope you love your polaroids!

For those who didn't get to see us here (or those of you who want to party with us again!) and want their own Polaroid snapshot with their pet, we're going to be attending the Taste of River North festival with Pet Care Plus July 12-23. Come find us! 

Until next time,

Dr. Dylan and the BLVD Team

Summer Safety Tips

Hello friends!

Since it’s summer we wanted to remind you of some important summertime safety tips to keep your pets safe! We like you all a lot, but we rather you not end up at the vet for one of these preventable issues.

hot dog on ice

Heat Stroke: When it’s hot, make sure you’re not overdoing it—especially with short nosed breeds like Frenchies, Pugs, English Bulldogs, and any dark-colored dog (darker colors absorb more heat). Take frequent water breaks and avoid exertion when it’s over 80 degrees. If you think your dog may be experiencing heat stroke (labored breathing, collapse, purple tongue) come in or go the nearest ER immediately. While we are an appointment-based clinic, many of us have trained extensively at emergency hospitals and we will drop everything if we must to see a critical emergency. That said, we prefer the “ounce of prevention” method…so be careful on hot days and NEVER leave your dog (or any pet) in a car without A/C.

mosquito heartworm pet pests

Fleas, Tick and Heartworm Prevention: We’re entering prime season for insects that prey on pets and carry infectious diseases so be sure your dog and outdoor cat is protected by an FDA approved preventative. These days there are many safe, easy-to-give preventatives such as chewables. We stock Heartgard PlusNexgard and Revolution at the clinic and are always happy to provide prescriptions. Many of these products also help with intestinal parasites they might pick up here and there. Feel free to request one at our Online Pharmacy or by calling, if we've seen you in the last year and your pet is up to date on their Heartworm Test (dog owners) for Heartgard - we should be able to approve it!

cat in window

High-Rise Falls: Use care with open windows. Cats used to closed windows don’t always recognize an open one and if they don’t put the brakes on quickly enough they can take a bad fall (yes, even through the screen).  Start out by opening the window just a couple inches until they recognize the change, and even if they are acclimated it's always a good idea to supervise your pets whenever there's an open window. Also, if you have access to a roof-top deck or a balcony, make sure if you bringing your dog out with you they're always supervised. You never know when a squirrel will catch someone's eye.

fireworks dogs anxiety

Fireworks Anxiety:  Summertime in Northwest Chicago can feel like Armageddon to noise-sensitive dogs. We have a number of good medications to safely treat severe noise phobias. These are not medications that “knock out” the dog.  Give the clinic a call if you feel your dog might benefit from this and we can set up a consult to discuss in more detail. We specifically carry a medication for noise phobic dogs called SILEO.

SILEO has been shown to be safe and effective, calming dogs without sedating them. It comes in an oral gel that is applied onto your dog’s gums. One syringe is $37 and is good for up to 12 doses depending on the size of your dog. If you are interested in trying this new therapy for your noise sensitive dog, call or  email  us!

SILEO has been shown to be safe and effective, calming dogs without sedating them. It comes in an oral gel that is applied onto your dog’s gums. One syringe is $37 and is good for up to 12 doses depending on the size of your dog. If you are interested in trying this new therapy for your noise sensitive dog, call or email us!

As always, give us a call if you have any questions and have a wonderful start to your summer!

-Dr. Dylan, Dr. Geisler, Dr. Williams and the rest of the Staff at Boulevard Veterinary

Dr. Tyler Williams Joins BLVD Vet

And then, there were three. From left to right: Dr. Dylan, Dr. Williams and Dr. Geisler.

And then, there were three. From left to right: Dr. Dylan, Dr. Williams and Dr. Geisler.

Dear friends,

We are very happy and excited to introduce Dr. Tyler Williams, who is joining Dr. Dylan and Dr. Geisler at Boulevard Veterinary as our third full time veterinarian! Dr. Williams is also a UW Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine alumni (he graduated only 2 years after Dr. Dylan) and a fellow Chicago resident. 

Dr. Tyler Williams joined Boulevard Vet with roughly ten years of general veterinary experience. Dr. Williams confirmed his life’s calling in 6th grade, when he rescued a baby bunny from becoming the neighborhood cat’s lunch. Much to his dismay, he didn’t get to keep the bunny as his pet, but the gratification he felt in caring for animals served as the basis for a future career in veterinary science.   For his full bio, please visit our  Meet the Team  page!

Dr. Tyler Williams joined Boulevard Vet with roughly ten years of general veterinary experience.
Dr. Williams confirmed his life’s calling in 6th grade, when he rescued a baby bunny from becoming the neighborhood cat’s lunch. Much to his dismay, he didn’t get to keep the bunny as his pet, but the gratification he felt in caring for animals served as the basis for a future career in veterinary science. 

For his full bio, please visit our Meet the Team page!

Next we are very proud to introduce you to a few additional faces you'll see at BLVD Vet! We feel exceptionally lucky to have found these intelligent, caring individuals as we continue to grow the BLVD Team.

First, at the front desk, joining us from the human pharmacy world is our Client Care Specialist, Ann (seen below enthusiastically high-five-ing our friend Sherlock). She is pursuing her degree in Biology and exploring a career in veterinary medicine. 

Ann and Sherlock high-five!

Ann and Sherlock high-five!

Next, Mariah, our newest Client Care Specialist! Mariah joins us with 10 years of experience under her belt as a veterinary receptionist. We know your pet questions and concerns when you call or email us will be taken care of in her capable hands.

Mariah, answering client calls.

Mariah, answering client calls.

Last but not least, please welcome Ashli, a Registered Veterinary Technician. Ashli graduated from the prestigious 4 year Veterinary Technology program at Purdue University and is moving to join us from Indiana with her two Poms and a hedgehog! We're excited to use her education and experience to provide even more tailored services for your you and your pets.

Ashli, ausculting Winifred.

Ashli, ausculting Winifred.

We look forward to you meeting our newest team members and letting us know what you think. PS, if you're looking for something to do this weekend, some of them will be at Taste of Randolph this weekend with Kelly between 12pm and 8pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Come check us out, we'll be handing out some swag and you'll be the first to know about some big news we have coming up!

-Dr. Dylan, Dr. Geisler , Dr. WIlliams and all of the BLVD Team

Bloody Mary Battle, Online Pharmacy and New Faces at BLVD!

Dear Friends and Clients,

Greetings from Boulevard Vet! Hope your spring has been going well and here’s hoping it gets a little drier soon. We’ve got some cool fundraisers on the horizon we wanted to let you know about and some new staff to introduce.

This Sunday, May 7th, I (Dr. Dylan) will be participating in a charity-focused Bloody Mary Battle hosted by our friends down at Sink|Swim! If you haven’t been there for one of these challenges (and brunch) you’ve got make this one—it’s the last one of the season and I want it to be the best. My opponent in the challenge will be Heather Owen, the Executive Director of One Tail At A Time, an awesome Chicago shelter organization that we work with frequently. 

We’ve each come up with our own signature recipe. BLVD's is dubbed “Dr. Dyl’s Dill-Infused Liquid Cure-All” and I feel that makes it a contender right off the bat. The public (you) tries one of each Bloody Mary ($12 gets you both) and votes for which they thought was best. The winning team gets to donate a portion of the winnings to a charity of their choice. If BLVD Vet wins, we will donate our winnings to our vanquished foe, OTAT.  So, come on down, hang out with our crew and support a great cause.


BLVD Vet will also be supporting two great Logan Square neighborhood groups: local publisher The LoganSquarist will be having their fundraiser Thursday, May 11th, at the Stan Mansion. Kelly (our Event Coordinator) is putting together a swanky $100 gift basket for their silent auction! June 10th we'll be doing the same thing for the Logan Square Preservation Society -- they're the ones holding the line against careless development in LS -- at their annual fundraiser, to be held at the Garage House mansion.

In business news, we’ve recently partnered with a reputable online pharmacy called Vet’s First Choice to help give our clients more choice and convenience when it comes to getting medications filled. Most importantly, unlike many online pharmacies the manufacturer guarantees will still apply! Check out the online store here. It is also readily accessible from our home page at They offer free shipping on any order over $50 or with Autoship selected. Let us know if you want any prescriptions switched over to this service! 

Next, we want to introduce our growing staff!

Colleen Trinidad finished classes at Fox College and sat for her boards to become a Certified Veterinary Technician—she passed! Congrats to her and we’re happy she’s starting out her career with us. 

Jeremy Akers is our very first full time Veterinary Assistant, joining us after a long stint in the grooming world. His animal handling skills and incredible work ethic have made him a hugely valuable addition. 

Charlene Russ is our most recent Veterinary Technician to join our ranks. She is highly experienced having worked as a tech in the West Loop the past several years.  She is also currently taking classes to complete her Certification—hopefully later this year!

Look out for them on our Meet the Team page as we add their bios later this month and please help us welcome them to the BLVD Team!

Looking forward into May, we want you to know that both myself and Dr. Julie Geisler will be going on vacations this month (but not at the same time). Dr. Geisler will be out of the office from May 5th – May 14th. Then, when she returns Kelly and I will be leaving (for France!) and will be there from May 19th – June 3rd. We will be spending time in Paris, Provence and Nice so if anyone has any stellar recommendations I’m all ears.

Hope everyone is having a great Spring so far and we hope to see you Sunday from 12-3pm down at Sink|Swim!

-Dr. Dylan and the BLVD Team

Boulevard Veterinary is now AAHA Accredited!

Hello friends and clients,

    Happy New Year! We are proud to announce that we are now AAHA accredited! Only 12% of veterinary hospitals in the U.S. and Canada have met their rigorous standards of excellence and accreditation application is completely voluntary. To become AAHA accredited, our practice was evaluated for approximately 900 standards of veterinary care established by AAHA veterinary experts. We had our facilities inspected, standard operating procedures reviewed, and medical records evaluated for thoroughness. 

The American Animal Hospital Association was established in 1933 by leaders in the field with the mission to:

• Enhance the abilities of veterinarians to provide quality medical care to companion animals
• Enable veterinarians to successfully conduct their practices and maintain their facilities with high standards of excellence
• Meet the public's needs as they relate to the delivery of small animal veterinary medicine

Preparing for AAHA accreditation in 2016 both validated our methods and helped us increase the value and quality of our veterinary care. We look forward to the challenge of maintaining our AAHA accreditation as we grow - continuing to pass on the benefits of expert, standardized care to you and your pets.

Thank you for your support,
Dr. Dylan and the BLVD Team

Happy Holidays and 2016 Highlights

Dear Friends and Clients,

Boulevard Veterinary would like to wish you and your family (furry and otherwise) Happy Holidays! We also want to thank you for your business and patronage over the past year. Here are a few highlights for BLVD in 2016: 

  • We added 4 full time staff members: Dr. Julie Geisler (veterinarian), Jamie Pelon (Vet Tech), Marina Letica (Client Care), and Meghan Watson (Client Care), growing our total full time staff to 10. Each of these hires has been invaluable in their insights and work ethic. 
  • Dr. Geisler introduced chiropractic care as a new service offered at BLVD Vet. 
  • We now provide medical care for nearly 3,000 cats and dogs in the Logan Square area! 61% of our patients are dogs and 39% are cats. 
  • In October BLVD Vet was honored to win the 2016 Logan Squarist “Best Business for Pets” Award. Hats off to the other great pet-related businesses in Logan Square.
  • In partnership with ALIVE RescueBialy's Wellness Foundation and One Tail at a Time, BLVD Vet provided discounted medical care to over 60 rescued dogs including spays, neuters and dental procedures. 

Thank you so much for your continued support of locally owned businesses—the diversity of our business community is one of the attributes that makes Logan Square such a great place to live. 
As always, we deeply appreciate any online reviews that our clients leave for us on our Yelp or Google pages.  It’s a vital way to compete against bigger competitors in today’s digital world. 

Be safe and merry, 
Dr. Dylan and the BLVD Team

Summertime and Noise Anxiety

Dear Friends and Clients,

It’s finally Summer! We hope that you and your pets are enjoying the warm weather and staying safe. Summertime also means the beginning of fireworks season. As anyone who lives in Logan Square knows, virtually any day of the week from May to September is an occasion for fireworks. Unfortunately, loud noises can cause severe anxiety for some dogs. We recently learned of a brand new medication called SILEO, the only FDA-approved treatment for noise phobia in dogs.

SILEO has been shown to be safe and effective, calming dogs without sedating them. It comes in an oral gel that is applied onto your dog’s gums. One syringe is $37 and is good for up to 12 doses depending on the size of your dog. If you are interested in trying this new therapy for your noise sensitive dog, call or email us!

Next, we want to thank everyone who came out to our 2016 Annual Open House last month. We had a great time with everyone and were able to raise over $1,000 for Bialy's Wellness Foundation! If you haven't seen your photobooth photos yet, check them out on Facebook! We especially want to thank the generous local businesses that donated to our raffle and those of you who purchased raffle tickets. BWF is an incredibly worthy cause and the money raised will be put to good use providing specialized medical care for their special needs dogs.

It’s also time for the annual Reader Best-Of list and we’re asking for your help for the write-in ballot. If you have a moment, please nominate Boulevard Vet for Best Veterinarian in the Goods and Services category (voting ends June 9 at 12:00pm).  We really rely on this type of grass-roots promotion over traditional marketing and appreciate your votes!

Have a wonderful start to your summer!

-Dr. Dylan, Dr. Geisler and the rest of the Staff at Boulevard Veterinary